Ethical Policy

Our Ethical policy is at the heart of all that we do.

We ensure we are honest and transparent in how we do business and engage externally. 

Acting with honesty & transparency

We ensure we are honest and transparent in how we do business and engage externally. We actively engage and support  organisations that are in tune with our values and ethics.  

We are corporate members of the Institute of Fundraising and adhere to the scrict rules and regulations that they expect from their members. 

We have produced a guide to stopping unwanted marketing materials which can be viewed at:

Companies we work with

We will only work with companies that have registered with the Information Commissions Office and adhere to our strict data compliance vetting process. 

Data transfer & usage

All data will be processed in a secure environment under strict ISO27001 conditions. We will adhere at all times to the Data Protection Act, PECR and GDPR guidelines. 

Data usage - We monitor and manage churn rates to ensure that individuals are not over contacted. We will make all efforts to ensure we do not contact the elderly,  vulnerable or individuals under the age of 18. We will ensure that all data we use is screened against the Mailing Preference Service, Telephone Preference Service and industry recognised suppression files. 

Any individuals that request to be removed from our managed or purchased lists will be done so within a maximum of 15 days. We will at all times make these individuals aware of the Mailing Preference Service. We will maintain a suppression file of those individuals that have requested removal and will screen any data against this list before outputting data. 

We will apply caution to all sectors that we work with and will not supply data to companies that operate within independent lotteries schemes, personal injury. We will review mailing creatives and scripts and obtain approval from our data controllers ahead of data release.